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                     "In the green of the grass... in the smell of the the clouds floating the top of a tree...'

You are loved. You are loved. You are loved”  Nancy Tillman.

Family Sessions

A family photo shoot is a perfect opportunity to capture some relaxed and informal shots of you as a family. Too many of us have images where one of us is behind the camera and not in the picture! Don't forget mums and dads, you are an important part of your family narrative and your children and grandchildren will want to see you in their family photo story.

These are usually outdoors shoots and can be either at a location suggested by me, or in a place you love to be, a favourite park , beach or other location, even your own garden. I like to keep these sessions as unscripted and relaxed as possible. Being in the great outdoors or a place you love always supports this and enables children to be at their most natural and carefree, whilst creating the most meaningful and heartfelt photo memories. I may use some light direction, in the interests of framing or light, but nothing staged or to interrupt the natural flow, just beautiful naturally unfolding moments, capturing the love and connections of you as a family. 




"We’ve had a fantastic experience having a family photo shoot with Sarah... all done in a very natural relaxed way..The final pictures have captured the magic and energy of our little people in the wild! Thanks so much!"

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