About Me

Hello ! I'm Sarah, family and childhood photographer based in the beautiful Kent countryside, close to Canterbury.  I've worked in the image industry for twenty years, creating and sourcing the most engaging images for books, magazines & advertising. 

I'm now living my dreamiest dream in family photography, capturing precious, meaningful moments within the magic of childhood and the connections of family.

I relish seeking out magical, natural moments of spontaneity within families, friendships and always most beautifully inherent in young children.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and am sentimental at heart, often translating through the lens. I love to take a wistful and romantic approach in my photography, seeking out still moments of calm, people at their ease, children in their own world and fleeting moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, time-capsuled within the precious medium of a photograph. Celebrating pretty, natural light and the great outdoors is part of my daily mantra.

I love creating timeless images that spark emotion and preserve treasured memories. Our photographs are our heirlooms! My own family has shown me how quickly those baby and childhood years evolve!  The chance to preserve those moments for all the lovely families I meet gives me real joy.

If you're reading down this far, some of my own memories of childhood are of my Dad's darkroom, watching the magical moment of a photographic print developing before my eyes, (no unicorns involved!).

 And no child will forget the fun of being able to walk barefoot through trays of paint on used backdrop paper :)



 © Chris Hopper